$49 a month gets you everything.

Patients turn to you for expert information. Let our engaging patient education videos help, whether it’s in your office or on your website.

Smart, engaging videos that educate your patients

A number of factors set our patient education videos apart. Per Practice Licensing, so you can use them anywhere -- on your website, in your waiting area, chair-side and consultation rooms. Embedded content so your website is easily enhanced by the videos. We’ve been developing patient education videos for almost 10 years. We know what patients – and dentists – are looking for and how to deliver it.

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Where do I use it?

In your office

With our Per Practice Licensing, you can install and display videos anywhere in your office to help your patients understand the many treatments and procedures you offer.

On your website

Make your website an asset to your practice — and a resource for your patients. Our videos can continue educating patients even after they leave.

A better way to consult

A more informed patient is a happier patient. Use our dental videos to easily explain procedures with the following features:

Step by Step Mode

Use videos to demonstrate and discuss procedures one-on-one at your office.

Home Follow Up

Send patients home with a link to the same dental videos on your website.

Customized for you

Optio Dentistry Patient Education can be easily customized to fit your practice’s messaging and marketing goals.


Generate playlists and save them for quick reference. Whether it’s a general hygiene playlist for when a patient is in the chair, or a cosmetic series to raise awareness in the reception area.


Create custom slides to promote the practice and services. Doctor bios, before and after photos, office hours or amenities like free parking. Slides can be added to the playlists for further customization.

Easier to use

We've designed our Dental Patient Education videos to be easy-to-use and to appeal to a full spectrum of patients.

Multi Languages

All of our videos are available in English and the majority of our dental videos are available with French, Spanish and Hebrew subtitles.

Multiple Installs

Install our dental videos throughout the office (promotional areas, tablets, PCs, etc.) as well as on your website.

Printable Documents

Send your patients home with a printed summary of the treatment you recommend. Along with the videos on your website this gives them the information they need.

Spectrum of Content

Our Dental Patient Education videos cover the spectrum of dentistry, from general to ortho, to cosmetic and children and youth.

A Website that Works as Hard as You

The smarter your website the more time a prospective or existing patient will spend there. With our full library of patient education videos you can make every page of your site work for you. Here are just a few of additional features that make your site effective:

Embedded Videos
With our exclusive embedded technology we place the videos directly in the page on your site. So you decide exactly how each page looks and how the videos are used.

Full Library
Not only will a patient likely find the topic they’re interested in, you get the chance to showcase other services.

Content that has the same look and feel of your site, further reinforcing your practice’s brand.

When you send a patient home you can feel confident knowing they are receiving the same information in the online content as the in-office content.