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Stress-free dental treatments start in the waiting room

Some kids get anxious when they go to the dentist. An Optio employee’s daughter was no exception. One day, while nervously waiting for her dental exam, she watched TV in the waiting room. The TV was tuned to a 24-hour news channel and on that particular day, there was a plane crash. She ended up seeing the plane wreckage all over the side of a mountain. Although she didn't see the footage for long, the stress of seeing the wreckage made future dental visits even more difficult for her — not to mention the dentist, assistant, and her parents … and now flying has become a major challenge for the whole family.

This dental practice had installed a television, but had not considered what they would show in the waiting room. Without careful consideration, your programming could be increasing your patients’ stress levels before they ever settle down in your operatory. With cable TV, you never know what’s going to come on.

By contrast, patient education videos that are designed to increase your patient’s understanding of common dental procedures can have a calming effect on patients before they sit down in your chair.

Optio TV content is focused on dentistry. Videos have been deliberately chosen to display treatment options without scaring away nervous patients. The videos are designed to educate and support your patients to make the best choices for their dental health. View the full playlist.

With Optio TV, your patients won’t be distracted by anxiety-inducing news items. Instead, they’ll get the opportunity to learn more about their dental health through fun and educational content – empowering patients to take better care of themselves and their oral health.

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Jean Fraser
Jean Fraser
As the Director of Marketing at Optio Publishing, Jean is fascinated by all things related to internet marketing, including SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media Management. When not at work she can be found tearing up the dance floor.
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