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Dental Waiting Room TV

Optio TV has been designed to make the best use of your patient’s time by providing them valuable information about your dental services. The videos have been created specifically for the waiting room and work great with or without the audio. You can choose the videos shown on your lobby TV, so they best reflect your practice.

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Patient-Focused Dental Videos

Optio TV features a wide variety of dental topics including high-value services like dental implants and sedation dentistry, as well as oral health and hygiene tips for parents, kids and adults. Displaying dental videos on your waiting room TV lets you showcase the services you offer in a friendly and helpful way - making your chairside consultations quicker and easier.


Easy setup!

Setting up your Optio TV is as simple as setting up your Netflix account for the first time. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be on your way to playing dental patient education in your waiting room in no time.

Plug your Apple TV device into your TV and sign in with your Apple ID.
Download Optio TV from the App Store.
Login using your Optio username and password.
Hit play.
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Your order includes an Apple TV

When you sign-up for Optio TV, we’ll send you an Apple TV device and HDMI cable to make setting up your waiting room TV as easy as possible. We will also provide technical support for you to help you get the device setup. Plus, if you close your account, the Apple TV device is yours to keep.

Get Optio TV today

Save on cable costs and give your patients dental content they can use by switching to Optio TV today. There’s no contract to sign, and you can cancel anytime.

For $69 per month, and a $495 setup fee, you get Optio TV, and a 4K Apple TV that you can keep. We’ll help you choose the best video mix to promote your services and inform your patients.

Watch sample videos

Optio TV is designed to educate patients on the services you offer in a fun and interactive way in your waiting room. This is different than the step-by-step procedure videos found on our chairside app. All Optio TV videos are designed to display well with or without audio. Check out these sample videos to get an idea of the breadth and depth of content you can expect for your waiting room.