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Internet Marketing

Attract new patients with SEO, search advertising, and social media strategies.



Gain trust and reach new patients in your community.



Build your brand with dental video marketing campaigns.


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Facebook Marketing

Reach new patients on Facebook

Attracting new patients using Facebook has never been easier. By blending promotional and educational content you can build your practice reputation as a trusted dental care provider in your community. Our Facebook package is designed specifically for your dental practice. Daily monitoring and a simple scheduling system allows you to manage your Facebook posts with ease. Add advertising to share targeted messages with potential patients in your community.

The right content for your practice

Our deep library of dental-related posts is delivered in simple and easy-to-understand terms for your patients. Posts are created using the latest research and reviewed by dentists and dental professionals.

Branded posts improve your reach

Posts are personalized with your logo and videos end with your contact information. This means when someone shares your post, your information stays with it amplifying your reach and establishing your brand in your community.

Sample Facebook posts

Check out some sample Facebook posts to get an idea of what you can expect to be posted on your Facebook page.

Review, Schedule, Monitor and Report

We’ve made it easy for you to approve, plan, and organize your Facebook posts with our online scheduling system. Each quarter, you’ll review posts recommended for your Facebook page based on your practice’s preferences. The posts will be scheduled so your practice Facebook feed is always full of great, informative content.

We monitor your Facebook page daily and notify you if something needs your attention. Plus, at the end of each month we provide a report on your practice Facebook page so you can keep track.

Facebook Advertising

Amplify your message with Facebook advertising. Take advantage of targeting options to reach people in your local area and tailor the message to their specific interests. Local targeting allows you to spend less on advertising with better results.

Targeted Campaigns

Creative advertising campaigns help attract new patients for services such as family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, sedation dentistry, and orthodontics. We also run campaigns highlighting the technology in your office from digital x-rays to one-visit dentistry to draw in new patients.

Demographic Targeting

Facebook’s ad targeting system lets you define exactly who you want to see your posts. You can filter by age, location, occupation, and interests. Share baby-care tips for new parents, denture-care information for seniors, or teeth whitening promotions to young professionals. The possibilities are endless. The ability to target so closely will save you money while increasing your return on investment.

Geographic Targeting

When people look for a dentist online, location is a major factor. Geographic targeting lets you reach people close to your practice. If you’re in a small community, you may want to attract people from surrounding communities. If you’re in a big city, you may want to stick to walking distance. We’ll help you figure out the best targeting options for your practice.

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