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Facebook marketing for your practice

You know how important it is for your patients to trust you. Nothing can replace chair-side time for building trust, but did you know that you can also use Facebook to connect with your patients?

By sharing useful custom content and patient reviews on Facebook, you can build trust and attract new patients. You can also take advantage of Facebook’s powerful targeted advertising tools to expand your reach in your local area. We can show you how.

Create and share useful and relevant dental content

Share interesting and relevant dental content that patients can use. By providing useful content, you’ll gain a reputation as a trusted source of information on Facebook. This means potential new patients can find you.

We keep your content fresh and relevant with new and interesting videos, custom photos, medical illustrations and posts on popular dental health topics.

Unique custom posts and photos: Showcase your practice

People trust people who they feel they know. New patients will go to your Facebook page to check out your practice and see if it's somewhere they'll be comfortable. To connect with them, you need to show what your practice is like. We'll interview you and your team, and create unique posts and images that showcase you, your team, and your office.

New patients are waiting to hear about your practice.

Get access to the Facebook content and strategy that will have new patients knocking on your door.

And best of all, it’s zero risk to you. There’s no obligation, no setup fee, and you can cancel anytime.

Managed Scheduling: The right content at the right time

Content needs to be fresh and relevant to connect with readers, but you have enough on your plate. Let us manage your content schedule for you so your posts are always timely and consistent. Your content stays fresh, your readers stay engaged, and your practice attracts new patients.

Activity Monitoring: Always know when connections happen

Your Facebook profile is a conversation. We'll monitor reviews, posts, comments, check-ins, and private messages so you can be part of the conversation. We'll also notify you if there's anything that requires a response from you. Every month we'll provide you with a report of activity on your profile, so you can engaged with your patients.

Monthly Coaching: Helping you create and share your own stories

The dental offices that are succeeding on Facebook all have one thing in common: they are highly engaged with their patients. Through email or one-on-one coaching, we can help you respond to reviews and patient comments, and develop, write, and share content that tells your own story.

Facebook Advertising

Reach new patients on a platform they trust and use every day. We'll create a strategy that lets you target and engage with prospects in your community and showcase your unique services. You'll bring in new patients - and save money.

Targeted Campaigns (boost)

Up to 20% of your regular content posts contain a call to action that invites readers to engage with you by booking an appointment. These posts can be targeted to specific groups such as families or seniors so you can target specific services to the right patients for your practice.

Targeted Advertising

Reach the people you want to reach. You can target ads by demographics, interests, or location - parents for children's dentistry, athletes for sports guards, or seniors for dental implants. By reaching exactly who you want to reach you can ensure high engagement rates - which means more new patients for your practice.

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