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Optio Dentistry Video Identifiers

Embed individual videos anywhere on your website to enhance your services pages or a landing pages. The following is a list of unique ids that can be used to insert a single video on your page. Please review our "How to embed" page for more information.

Dentistry Videos

ID Title
dentistry/decay/about Tooth Decay: What is Tooth Decay?
dentistry/decay/crown Tooth Decay: Crown
dentistry/decay/filling Tooth Decay: Filling
dentistry/decay/inlay_onlay Tooth Decay: Inlay / Onlay
dentistry/decay/root_canal Tooth Decay: Root Canal
dentistry/decay/extraction Tooth Decay: Extraction
dentistry/cusp/crown Cusp Fractures: Crown
dentistry/cusp/root_canal Cusp Fractures: Root Canal
dentistry/cusp/crown_lengthening Cusp Fractures: Crown lengthening
dentistry/health_and_safety/sterilization Patient Health and Safety: Instrument Sterilization (Ultrasonic Version)
dentistry/health_and_safety/sterilization_washer Patient Health and Safety: Instrument Sterilization (Washer Version)
dentistry/health_and_safety/disinfecting Patient Health and Safety: Office Disinfecting
dentistry/health_and_safety/ppe Patient Health and Safety: Personal Protective Equipment
dentistry/missing_teeth/replacing_teeth Missing Teeth: Options for Replacing Missing Teeth
dentistry/missing_teeth/not_replaced Missing Teeth: When Missing Teeth Are Not Replaced
dentistry/missing_teeth/bridge Missing Teeth: Bridge
dentistry/missing_teeth/full_denture Missing Teeth: Full denture
dentistry/missing_teeth/partial_denture Missing Teeth: Removable partial denture (RPD)
dentistry/implants/about Dental Implants: About Implants
dentistry/implants/procedure Dental Implants: Implant Procedure
dentistry/implants/denture Dental Implants: Implant Supported Denture
dentistry/cosmetic/veneers Cosmetic Procedures: Veneers
dentistry/cosmetic/home_whitening Cosmetic Procedures: Home whitening
dentistry/cosmetic/laser_whitening Cosmetic Procedures: Laser whitening
dentistry/periodontal/about Periodontal Disease: About Periodontal Disease
dentistry/periodontal/scaling Periodontal Disease: Scaling
dentistry/periodontal/grafting Periodontal Disease: Gingival grafting
dentistry/wisdom/about Wisdom Teeth: Explained
dentistry/wisdom/extraction Wisdom Teeth: Extraction
dentistry/preventative/brushing Preventative: Brushing
dentistry/preventative/electric_toothbrush Preventative: Brushing with an Electric Toothbrush
dentistry/preventative/flossing Preventative: Flossing
dentistry/preventative/sealants Preventative: Sealants
dentistry/preventative/regular_visits Preventative: Regular dental visits

PlanScan Videos

dentistry/planscan/decay_crown PlanScan: Tooth Decay - Crown
dentistry/planscan/decay_inlay_onlay PlanScan: Tooth Decay - Inlay/Onlay
dentistry/planscan/cusp_crown PlanScan: Cusp Fracture - Crown

Orthodontic Videos

ID Title
ortho/problems/overview Orthodontic Problems: Overview of orthodontic problems
ortho/problems/ideal_alignment Orthodontic Problems: Ideal alignment and occlusion
ortho/problems/overjet Orthodontic Problems: Overjet
ortho/problems/anterior_crossbite Orthodontic Problems: Anterior crossbite
ortho/problems/posterior_crossbite Orthodontic Problems: Posterior crossbite
ortho/problems/open_bite Orthodontic Problems: Open bite
ortho/problems/deep_bite Orthodontic Problems: Deep bite
ortho/problems/crowded_teeth Orthodontic Problems: Crowded teeth
ortho/problems/spaced_teeth Orthodontic Problems: Spaced teeth
ortho/problems/missing_teeth Orthodontic Problems: Missing teeth
ortho/problems/crowded_eye_teeth Orthodontic Problems: Crowded eye teeth
ortho/problems/rotated_teeth Orthodontic Problems: Rotated teeth
ortho/braces/how Braces: How teeth move with braces
ortho/braces/align Braces: Braces to align teeth
ortho/braces/applied Braces: How braces are applied
ortho/braces/getting_to_know Braces: Getting to know your braces
ortho/braces/elastics Braces: Elastics to correct bite
ortho/braces/cleaning Braces: Cleaning your braces
ortho/braces/clear_aligners Braces: Clear aligners
ortho/appliances/how Appliances: How teeth move with appliances
ortho/appliances/maintaining_space Appliances: Maintaining space for permanent teeth
ortho/appliances/regaining_space Appliances: Regaining space for permanent teeth
ortho/appliances/correcting_habits Appliances: Correcting habits
ortho/appliances/expanding_upper_arch Appliances: Expanding the upper arch
ortho/appliances/widening_upper_jaw Appliances: Widening the upper jaw
ortho/appliances/malalignment Appliances: Correcting jaw mal-alignment
ortho/appliances/finishing Appliances: Finishing appliance
ortho/appliances/retention Appliances: Retention
ortho/appliances/cleaning Appliances: Cleaning your appliances

Cosmetic Dentistry Videos

ID Title
cosmetic/beautiful_smile/about A Beautiful Smile: The art and science of your smile
cosmetic/beautiful_smile/shape A Beautiful Smile: The contours of your smile
cosmetic/beautiful_smile/details A Beautiful Smile: The finer details of your smile
cosmetic/beautiful_smile/youthful A Beautiful Smile: A Youthful Smile
cosmetic/testimonials/john Patient Stories: John's Story
cosmetic/testimonials/angela Patient Stories: Angela's Story
cosmetic/testimonials/angela_2 Patient Stories: Angela's Story
cosmetic/testimonials/kim Patient Stories: Kim's Story
cosmetic/testimonials/gil Patient Stories: Gil's Story


ID Title
kidszone/ricky_first_visit Kids Zone - Ricky's First Dental Visit
kidszone/ricky Kids Zone - Ricky Brushes his Teeth

Kids and Baby Tips

ID Title
kids/baby_tips/oral_care How to Keep Baby's Mouth Clean
kids/baby_tips/pacifier_use When to Stop Using a Pacifier?
kids/baby_tips/first_visit When Should Baby Visit the Dentist?
kids/baby_tips/bottle_tooth_decay What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?
kids/kids_tips/loose_tooth When to Tug on a Loose Tooth?
kids/kids_tips/ready_to_brush When Are Kids Ready to Brush?
kids/kids_tips/flossing When to Start Flossing?
kids/kids_tips/juice What's the Best Way to Drink Juice?
kids/kids_tips/snacks What Snacks Are Best for Your Child's Teeth


ID Title
cerec/decay/inlay Tooth Decay: Inlay (CEREC)
cerec/decay/onlay Tooth Decay: Onlay (CEREC)
cerec/cusp/3_4_crown Cusp Fractures: 3/4 crown (CEREC)
cerec/cusp/crown Cusp Fractures: Crown (CEREC)
cerec/cusp/crown_no_buildup Cusp Fractures: Crown, no buildup (CEREC)
cerec/cosmetic/veneer Cosmetic Problems: Veneer color correction (CEREC)

Legacy Videos

We've recently retired some of our classic videos and replaced them with HD content. Don't worry they're not going away completely - if you prefer the classic versions of Optio Dentistry content then you can use the following video identifiers to add them to your site.

ID Title Note
dentistry/decay/intro Tooth Decay: Introduction Replaced with dentistry/decay/about
dentistry/decay/how Tooth Decay: How teeth decay
dentistry/decay/inlay Tooth Decay: Inlay Replaced with dentistry/decay/inlay_onlay
dentistry/decay/onlay Tooth Decay: Onlay Replaced with dentistry/decay/inlay_onlay
dentistry/decay/root_canal_direct Tooth Decay: Root canal (direct post and core) Replaced with dentistry/decay/root_canal
dentistry/decay/root_canal_indirect Tooth Decay: Root canal (indirect post and core) Replaced with dentistry/decay/root_canal
dentistry/cusp/filling Cusp Fractures: Filling
dentistry/cusp/root_canal_direct Cusp Fractures: Root canal (direct post and core) Replaced with dentistry/cusp/root_canal
dentistry/cusp/root_canal_indirect Cusp Fractures: Root canal (indirect post and core) Replaced with dentistry/cusp/root_canal
dentistry/cusp/3_4_crown Cusp Fractures: 3/4 crown
dentistry/missing_tooth/intro Missing Tooth: Introduction Replaced with dentistry/missing_teeth/replacing_teeth
dentistry/missing_tooth/bridge Missing Tooth: Bridge Replaced with dentistry/missing_teeth/bridge
dentistry/missing_tooth/maryland_bridge Missing Tooth: Maryland Bridge
dentistry/missing_tooth/cantilever_bridge Missing Tooth: Cantilever Bridge
dentistry/missing_tooth/implant_fixed Missing Tooth: Implant (screw-fixed crown)
dentistry/missing_tooth/implant_cemented Missing Tooth: Implant (cemented crown)
dentistry/missing_tooth/do_nothing Missing Tooth: Do nothing Replaced with dentistry/missing_teeth/not_replaced
dentistry/missing_teeth/intro Missing Teeth: Introduction Replaced with dentistry/missing_teeth/replacing_teeth
dentistry/missing_teeth/implant_supported Missing Teeth: Implant (supported denture)
dentistry/missing_teeth/implant_bar_supported Missing Teeth: Implant (bar-supported denture)
dentistry/missing_teeth/do_nothing Missing Teeth: Do nothing Replaced with dentistry/missing_teeth/not_replaced
dentistry/cosmetic/veneer_color Cosmetic Procedures: Veneer (color correction) Replaced with dentistry/cosmetic/veneers
dentistry/cosmetic/veneer_space Cosmetic Procedures: Veneer (close space) Replaced with dentistry/cosmetic/veneers
dentistry/cosmetic/veneer_cracked Cosmetic Procedures: Veneer (cracked tooth) Replaced with dentistry/cosmetic/veneers
dentistry/wisdom/horizontal_impaction Wisdom Teeth: Horizontal impaction Replaced with dentistry/wisdom/extraction
dentistry/wisdom/partial_eruptions Wisdom Teeth: Partial eruption Replaced with dentistry/wisdom/extraction
cosmetic/interactive/beautiful_smile Interactive Videos: A Beautiful Smile Replaced with cosmetic/beautiful_smile/about
cosmetic/interactive/candidate Interactive Videos: Am I A Candidate? Flash based
cosmetic/interactive/youthful_smile Interactive Videos: A Youthful Smile
kidszone/sugar_mountain Kids Zone - Sugar Mountain Game Flash based