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Top 5 reasons to upgrade your Optio Dentistry account

The new and improved Optio Dentistry is available for all clients including a new app for Windows and iPad, as well as a new video player for your website - both designed to display our new HD content.

Here are the top five reasons you should upgrade your Optio Dentistry account today:

1) An educated patient is more likely to accept treatment.

Optio Dentistry video content is designed to help your patients understand procedures and treatment options. When a patient understands the importance of the proposed treatment they are more likely to book it - meaning you can concentrate on being a dentist and not a salesperson.

2) Improve communication with your patients.

Patient education slides and videos make it easy for you to review procedures with patients - in your own words with the slideshow or by relying on well-researched, dentist-reviewed patient education videos.

3) Better functioning apps.

The new Optio Dentistry app for iPad and Windows allows you to share videos directly with patients via email, to save frequently-watched videos to your favourites, and to switch quickly between presentation and video mode.

4) Get access to stellar marketing materials.

Optio Dentistry patient education videos can be used as marketing materials. Improve your services pages by embedding related videos directly on the page, share videos on social media or send potential patients directly to your videos page to find out more about a particular treatment.

5) Impress your patients.

With new content being released all the time your website will be consistently updated with new HD-quality videos that are sure to wow potential and current patients.

What are you waiting for? The new Optio Dentistry is available for all current clients and doesn't cost a cent to upgrade! Upgrade now.

Jean Fraser
Jean Fraser
As the Director of Marketing at Optio Publishing, Jean is fascinated by all things related to internet marketing, including SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media Management. When not at work she can be found tearing up the dance floor.
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