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#1 Reason why sites rank high in Google search results

Watch Video: Link Building for Dental Website SEO

Google uses more than two hundred factors when deciding which webpage to rank at the top of its search results. The most important factors relate to incoming links. Ultimately, it’s all about who else “trusts” your website.

Incoming Links 101

Think of an incoming link as a vote. When a website links to your website, it means they are willing to send users from their website to your website. This is a strong vote of confidence and tells Google that your website can be trusted. The more you’re trusted, the higher Google will rank your website.

So, the more links the better?

Actually, it’s not just a numbers game. Quality is important. A link from a well-known and trusted website, like a university or a popular publication, will send a stronger signal to Google than a small directory. Getting a link from a trusted website is not easy, so a few good links can have a big impact on your results.

Black Hat Links

There are some links you should to avoid: what are called “black hat links.” Ranking well in Google is extremely valuable, and some companies create websites that only provide links. These companies are trying to manipulate how search engines rank pages. As a result, search engines go to great lengths to minimize the effect of these companies, and will sometimes punish the websites that access them.

White Hat Links

Google is looking for trusted, natural links: what are called “white hat links.” Getting these links takes a bit of creativity but will ultimately lead to a strong ranking. To get started, you can use a tool like Open Site Explorer. Look at competing websites and see where their links are coming from. You can then contact the same sources to ask for a link.

Local business directories also help prospective clients find your site. These directories are often willing to provide a link with your listing. Moz Local has assembled a map to show the top directories and how these directories affect a business’s listing in Google+ Local.

You can also approach suppliers, your university, and continuing education providers to ask for a link. If you’re supporting a local charity, they may offer a link, or a local media outlet may be interested in having you writing articles about dentistry that they publish and then link to you as the author. Get creative, and get those links!

Brent Parr
Brent Parr
Brent is the CEO and co-founder of Optio Publishing. Most days he can be found deep in conversation with customers or partners about the best ways to market their business. Brent loves outdoor activities such as skiing, ultimate frisbee and camping.
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